Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Grr , benci lah !

hyy all. tonight was very offensive night to me ! huhh , you know what ?? just because of the other person I get a little fight with him. why must this happen ?? why ?? this all because what I asked to him. "whether you want celebrate -- birthday ?? " only that ! but you said "if I do it will make you hurt , and I feel guilt to you" so I dont know.." when my birthday did you have do or planned like that ?? no right ?? sounds like I jealous of her ?? yeahh , did I ??* huuuhhh , I had no idea going to do what. its really annoying you know ! just mention ---  name already make me angry. and I also weird why must he always backing you up ?? ouhh , I forgot that you were his foster sister that he loved. HAHA* what ever you do he will not taking to much. if he angry it only a moment , but after that he will okay back. I know like how he loves you... err , maybe he loves you more than me. it cant be denied. I can see it from the movement of his body language. thats enough to me to show that he will always loves you no matter what happen or what you did...

huhh , but nothing can I do... I only can see cannot stop him whatever he want. I know that i am only her girlfriend , not the person who very close to with him and nothing more than that. I also know that you had knew him before me. thats why you always bringing up the past ! you cant accept the fact... and because of this too our relationship did not last long. I am pleased to God... every moment I will think how much longer that we have to remain like this. the all happen because of me ??? tell me why ?? huhhhhhhh...

okayy , fine I dont want bringing up the past. let the past be past ~ but one thing that I want you know , can you please leave out our matter ? you also have your own life right ? so why dont we just do the best for our own life ?? can ? but if you still do the same thing , only God knows and He will reward you... God is almighty and powerful... I know that I am not as perfect as others but I certain the gift of God... babayy , gudnites -___-


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