Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I believe I can live without L + O + V + E

let go all problems !!
come to peace on mind -_-
i must believe it !

yeahh , i can live without love ! heyy , you guys know wut ?? if in our life doesnt have a feelings that what we called as LOVE its doesnt mean that we are not beautiful , pretty , or others .. but its very very lucky if ALLAH love we more rite ?? human love doesnt bring anywhere . only ALLAH love's will bring we to the life in heaven . Ya Allah , pless blessing in what im doing in whole my life . let go all your problems away ~ ouh okeoke , now i really want to be a new SHAFIRAH .  i will be who i am ! because i love myself ! huh ? you ? wut ? i love you ? err , doesnt meaning la ! eeyuucks ! better gth la ! serve on you :P btw , family is more important and Allah comes first . hee *bajet jehh . pedulikk la

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